2 comments on “How to Make Lemonade… A Sales Professional’s Approach.

  1. After reading this article I am still amazed at how good you are at writing. So it saddens me that on my first post I have to complain. I have read all of your other blogs and have been greatly entertained. Despite that my complaint is where are all the blogs about prosumer products? This current blog has one tiny small sentence about pushing home on your GPS. What happened to the review of up and coming technology? Perhaps the next blog will be about the recently passed Kim Jong Il. Keep writing Bradley.

    • Tommy… I appreciate your praise and criticism! However, if you read the “About Me” page you will see that my blog is intended to address business on a general scale. While this blog entry was more specific to sales, I will occasionally post about things that happen in my personal and professional life as well… pertaining to business. I hope that you continue to read on with vigor and comment on the good and bad. Thank you for reading!

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